Please read before you make payment. Your payment is acknowledgement that you have read and agree with terms of service.

Terms of Service


I encourage my clients to pickup locally or meet as shipped eggs encounter rough handling, temperature changes and sometimes x-rays. I double box and pack carefully to help reduce the impact of rough handling however, I canot control what happens to them once they are out of my hands.
If there is no other option please be aware that USPS Priority Mail is now taking at least 5 days. USPS will not refund if your package is late unless it is over 30 days late. Very often they will refuse to refund money for damaged packages if it is hatching eggs.  They will not refund if your eggs do not hatch even if it is 100% their fault due to late or damaged packages.




Fertile hatching eggs are always a gamble. Many factors go into a successful hatch. Even highly experienced hatchers with very expensive equipment are not immune to the unpredictability of nature. Hens are actually the best incubators and even they have some that do not hatch.
Here are the things I do to help you have a better chance at having a successful hatch:
I offer pickup and have certain towns  where I can  meet. See Fertile Hatching Page. 
I only send fresh  undamaged eggs gathered within the last 2 days.
I have a fertility test hatch before I send out the first order for the season and throughout the season
I double box and use plenty of material that can absorb the shock and protect eggs from being broken.
I send extras if they are available. I cannot guarantee hatch rate for reasons mentioned above. Also be aware that it is impossible to predict the quality chicks will be when hatched.  Just like humans genetics can show up at any time, Show birds can have chicks that are pet quality. I explain this in more detail on the FHE page. My breeders are good quality and that is a good start but will not guarantee show quality perfect chicks every single time.  

 I do not offer refunds for fertile hatching eggs. Please be certain you are able to accept these conditions before sending payment.

Thank you for your interest in our farm. Please let me know if you have any questions. We always post our available fertile hatching eggs, chicks, juvenile and male birds here first. We do not keep a list. We sell first come first served. Your egg order is not secured until payment is sent. We do not take preorders. Keep your eyes on our sight if you are interested in buying our eggs. We will have birds for sale periodically also.