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We use birds that are either breeder or show quality. 
However, and here is where I have the opportunity to educate, it is IMPOSSIBLE to predict if a fertile hatching egg will be show, breeder or pet quality. And here is why: every single hen and rooster has a lineage that reaches further than our lifetime. While I know where each of my Silkies came from (because I hatched them all myself from reputable breeders )I do not know history from 50 plus years. A show quality hen and rooster can hatch out a Silkie with DQs (incorrect toes, beaks etc. because ancestral genes can pop up at any time just as human genes do. There are no guarantees that any hatching egg will likely be show quality, breeder quality or pet quality.


Please message us to request fertile hatching eggs. We typically have them available from March 1 to September.