Bird Flu Information

Our Status Friday April 8,2020

As of the date above we do not have any cases of Bird Flu. We will update this status immediately if we do develop Bird Flu and weekly while we are free of Bird Flu

Our Preventative Measures


The health and safety of our flock is our main priority during our day-to-day operations. For this reason we did not need to change anything to protect our breeding flock from becoming sick with the  bird flu that is currently becoming a problem at commercial turkey farms and a limited number of larger pricate chicken farms.


We exclusively breed Satin and Silkie bantam chickens. This breed is very different from other birds. They are vulnerable to weather, illness and predators. For this reason ALL of our breeding stock is kept separate from our outdoor flock that is used as egg layers. Our Silkies are housed indoors in a special habitat we have created just for them. We have them separated into small groups with plenty of space and fres air. Having our birds indoors prevents all contact with the wild and migratory birds that might fly over or visit our outdoor space.


We are following all recommendations made by the NC Department of Agriculture concerning biosecurity. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Shoes and equipment used outdoors is not brought in or used for our Silkie flock.
  • We do not bring our outdoor birds or their feeders/ waterers  or bedding inside our Silkie space.
  • No vehicles used on other parts of our farm enter the indoor space for our Silkies.
  • We do not allow visitors to our farm.
  • If we have been working outdoors, we change shoes before entering the indoor space and if we have handled our outdoor birds we change clothing.

Additional Measures 

We do not take in live birds period. We grow our flock exclusively by purchasing fertile hatching eggs from trusted well respected farms that have healthy flocks and our chicks from those hatches are kept separate from our breeders for over 150 days ,

Changes in Our Plans

This year we will not be bringing our chicks or grown birds to the Farmer's Market and our sells will be made privately as all public sells have been prohibited in NC due to Bird Flu, We had planned to show a few of our Silkie for the first time this year but I believe those shows are not going to happen especially in states where Bird flu has already been seen,