Bringing Designer Chickens to Your Backyard

We breed, train & raise Emotional Support Chickens

Our breeders are our family. We pride ourselves in providing compassionate care for the chickens we raise and breed. Our chickens are raised in  healthy clean environments in separate breed and color groups and are never caged except for in cases of convalescent care


Silkie Chickens


The earliest documentation of Silkie Chickens is from ancient China. Yes you heard that right! Silkie chickens were around as early as the mid 1800s  In fact Marco Polo wrote stories about sighting oddly furred chickens during his travels in Asia. Early writers called them "Wolly Hens."  Back then they were a mystery to those who came across them but today they are definitely " a thing." At Breath of Life Acres we raise beautiful good natured, happy, healthy Silkies. We hatch, breed and raise Silkies as pets for backyard farmers.
We also select certain chickens that are good candidates for our Emotional Support Chickens and spend a specific amount of time socializing them and familiarizing them with situations they may encounter as an ESA. 
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